Maintenace FAQ and Common Repairs

How do I submit a maintenance request?

You can submit a non-emergency maintenance request by submitting a request online, or by contacting our main office. If it is an emergency maintenance request, please call our emergency maintenance pager at 612-888-6090. For what qualifies as a maintenance emergency, please see below.

What is a maintenance emergency?

What is a maintenance emergency? Examples of emergencies are: Total loss of electrical power Burst plumbing or flowing water Sewer back-up Loss of heat Security problems including but not limited to broken locks, broken glass, loss of exterior lighting Any maintenance items with the potential to cause damage or harm

My apartment is too warm/cold.

If you apartment is too warm or too cold, please contact our main office or the emergency pager so that the maintenance team can address the issue right away. Please do not open your windows to let heat out or leave your stove door open to add heat to your unit, as these actions actually cause the problem to worsen.

A lightbulb in my unit burnt out, what do I do?

You are responsible to change your own lightbulb. Please replace with a 60W LED bulb. If for some reason you are unable to change your lightbulb, please submit a maintenance request. There may be charges incurred by contacting Olympus Properties to change a lightbulb.

My smoke alarm is beeping, what do I do?

You are responsible to change your smoke detector's battery. If for some reason you are unable to change your battery, or the detector won't stop beeping even afterb battery replacement, please submit a maintenance request. There may be charges incurred by contacting Olympus Properties to change a battery.

My electricity went out, now what?

If power went out in your unit, check XCel Energy's Power Outage listings here: If XCel Energy isn't the reason for your power outage, another option could be a blown fuse or tripped breaker. Your fuse/breaker box will be located either in your unit or in the basement of the building, and you are able to attempt to reset. If your power still does not work, please contact our maintenance team right away.

One of the laundry machines isn't working.

If one of the laundry machines isn't working, please check the laundry room for information on when and who to call to have a machine repaired. You may also get into contact with our main office to report the issue.

My sink or my tub is draining slowly.

If your sink or tub is draining slowly, first, use a drain snake to attempt to clear the blockage (hair, debris, etc.). Please see the video below for instructions on how to use a drain snake. If the problem persists, please contact our maintenance team. Please do not use drain chemicals such as Drano, etc. as they may damage the pipes and make the issue worse.

My fridge or freezer is not cooling.

The first step would be to defrost your refridgerator. Please see the below video with instructions on how to defrost your fridge. If you continue to have issues, please contact the main office immediately and we will send a tech to replace a part, or, if necessary, the entire fridge. Olympus Properties is not responsible for loss of food.

How do I keep my unit cool during the summer?

Depending on your unit, you have an in-wall unit or you will have to provide your own window air conditioner. If your unit has an in-wall AC unit, please contact the office directly with any problems or issues you may have. If your unit does not have an AC, you will be responsible for providing a personal window air conditioner unit. Olympus Properties does not provide or install these window air conditioner units, and residents are fully responsible for any damages made by their personal window AC unit whether it be in their unit, in a unit below, or to Olympus Properties property. It is very important to have a window AC unit tilted slightly downwards and out, away from the window, for proper drainage. Please see the below video on proper AC window unit installation.

My stove burner doesn't work and/or my unit smells like gas.

If you have a gas stove, a burner may go our or you may sometimes notice a gas smell in your unit. This smell is likely coming from a burnt out pilot light on your stove. This issue is easily fixed by following instructions from the video below. If the issue is not any pilot light on the stove, Olympus Properties urges you to submit a maintenance request for non-functioning burners as well as call the CenterPoint gas leak line if there is a gas smell to have a tech investigate where the gas smell is coming from.