Maintenance Requests

For emergency maintenance requests only, please call the emergency maintenance line at 612-888-6090. All other maintenance requests, please read our Maintenance FAQ and submit a request below.

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Please note that making a maintenance request is permission for management to enter the apartment.



For emergency maintenance requests only, please call our emergency line at 612-888-6090. 

Examples of emergency maintenance:

  • Burst plumbing or flowing water

  • Sewer back-up 

  • Loss of heat

  • Security problems including but not limited to broken locks,
     broken glass, loss of exterior lighting

  • Total loss of electrical power (check Xcel Energy Outage first)


Please call 911 first with life safety issues before calling maintenance.

If a resident is locked out of their apartment and requires management to let come and let them in, resident will be charged a fee based on the following schedule:

  • Business hours 8am–5pm, Monday-Friday: $75 lockout fee

  •  Nights and weekends: $125 lockout fee

Please note that any lock out fee is in addition to any lost key fees: 

  • Building access key:  $75 lost key fee

  • Apartment entry key: $75 lost key fee

  • Mailbox key: $50 lost key fee

  • Garage door opener: $75 lost opener fee

  • Parking hanger:  $50 lost hanger fee

  • Storage unit key: $50 lost key fee